’50 Years of Phab’ Commemorative Quiz


By special request here is Brian’s ‘50 Years of Phab Quiz’ which you may remember from the 2007 conference.  The answers are at the end.


1) 1957 -  This was the year our charity took off.  Life was never the same again!  Something else that took off in October of this year was the world’s first Artificial  Space Satellite launch by the U.S.S.R.   Name it, please?  


2) 1958  -   The longest running TV programme in the world for children started in this year and is still going strong today.  What is it?


3) 1959 -    Which well-known form of transport, invented by Sir Christopher Cockerill, was successfully tested and brought to service in the U.K. in this year?


4)  1960  -   Which extremely well-known television programme made its first appearance in this year, and is still going on a regular basis on I.T.V., created by Tony Warren and is a well-known soap opera?


5) 1961  -  Which type of establishments were made legal on the British High Street, for the first time ever, in May this year?


6) 1962 -  Which famous charity, which campaigns for the release of non-violent prisoners of conscience was founded in this year?


7) 1963 -  One of the most infamous events of this year was the Assassination of President Kennedy in America.  But in which state did it happen?


8) 1964  -  Which member of the Royal Family was born in this year?


9) 1965 -   What did  the Russian Alexi Leonov do in this year and is a famous first,

to do with the field of transportation that no one had done before?


(10) 1966 – This is the year of the famous World Cup Final win for England over Germany, 4 goals to 2, Geoff Hirst got a hat trick that day.  Who scored the other one?


(11) 1967 -   Which important advance in Medical Science took place for the first time in South Africa this year, performed by Dr Christian Barnard?


(12) – 1968 – Name the change to the British Postal System that took place for the first time this year?


(13)  1969 – This year is famous for the first moon landing in July of this year. With Neil Armstrong being the first man to set foot on the moon.  Who was the second?


(14) 1970 – John Wayne won his only ‘Oscar’ in this year, for his portrayal of the late one-eyed marshal, Rooster Cogburn.  In which film?


(15) 1971 -  What change to the way we dealt with money on an everyday basis took place in February of this year?  


(16)  1972 – Which royal sounding cruise liner famously caught fire and sank in Hong Kong Harbour this year?


(17) 1973 -  Which BBC TV show was about a policeman trapped in a time-warp in Manchester, is set in this year and features characters called Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt?


(18) 1974 -  Which famous U.S. President resigned in this year after the ‘Watergate’ scandal?  The only one ever to do so.


(19) 1975 -  Which famous British politician became a party leader this year  and famously predicted ‘No woman will ever become Prime Minister in my lifetime.’


(20) 1976 -  Why was this year notable from a meteorological point of view? (which made it memorable)


(21)  1977 - The year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, and she was at Wimbledon to see the last British female to win the ladies single title.  Name her.


(22) 1978 – Why was the birth of Louise Brown at Oldham General Hospital in July of this year medically memorable?


(23) 1979 – In this year Mrs Thatcher became British Prime Minister and ended up being the longest serving Prime Minister.  For how many years?  Was it 9, 10, 11 or 12 years?


(24) 1980 -  Which well-known Annual T.V. Charity Appeal appeared on British Television for the first time in this year?


(25) 1981 -  Britain won the Eurovision Song Contest this year, with a 4 person group - including Cheryl Baker and  Mike Nolan.  Name of the song and the group please.


(26) 1982 – Which of our television stations started broadcasting in November of this year, starting with a word game show, that is still running to this day?


(27) – 1983 – Which British coin made its first appearance in this year, making life easier for a lot of people?


(28) – 1984  -  Famous for the book by George Orwell and also a musical version in this year, by which famous Musical Duo?


(29) – 1985  - Staying with music for this year, which major fundraising concert took place in London and Philadelphia, becoming one of the biggest events of its kind ever?


(30) 1986 – One for the football fans - why was the World Cup Finals, held in Mexico City this year, is famous for Marradonna’s ‘Hand of God’, - a famous first in football terms?



(31) – 1987 – This year was famous for the ‘Great Storm of October 16th’ the worst in this country for nearly 300 years!  Which weatherman famously predicted that it wasn’t going to happen?


(32) – 1988 – Which famous piece of paper was finally abolished in this year, making it easier for one and all?


(33) 1989 – A famous historical event – which barrier to democracy started to be dismantled this year? (A very important achievement)


(34) 1990 – Which famous person was released from prison this year after many years of confinement, and went on to become President of his country?


(35) 1991 – which well-known film, starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, won the ‘big 5 Oscars’ (film, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay) for this year? Only the third time this had happened in history.


36) 1992 – A memorable Olympics in this year, with Linford Christie and Sally Gunnell both winning gold medals, and Freddie Mercury did a memorable song about the same place.  Where is it?


37) 1993 – Which novelty party record was the Xmas Party No.1 this year in the charts, and involved the same silly word repeated a lot?  Made infamous by Noel Edmonds.  Who is it?


38) l994 – Staying with Noel Edmonds – he was the first presenter of a major weekly show which started this year, and is still going strong today!  It made a difference to a lot of people.  What show am I talking about?


39) 1995 – An amazing achievement in film for this year, a Disney animated movie that was the first in history to be made by computer images alone.  Name it?


40) 1996 – Name the well-known driver who won the Formula One World Driving Championship for Britain this year?


41) 1997 – Tony Blair became Prime Minister in this year - even though it seems longer!  But who was the last labour Prime Minister before him?


42) 1998 – Which country famously hosted and won football’s World Cup in this year for the first time, beating Brazil in the final?


43) l999 – A sad event this year with the passing  of a man who brought a love of animals to many people, via his well-known TV show ‘Animal Kingdom’, - his name please?


44) 2000 – A new Millennium begins – but one of the greatest comedy shows ever written, regretfully finished after a ten year run, namely ‘One foot in the grave’.  It featured the one and only Victor Meldrew, but what is the name of the actor?



45) 2001 – During the General Election Campaign this year a protestor called Craig Evans became famous for getting involved in a TV punch-up with a famous politician after he threw an egg at him.  Which politician?


46) 2002 – A major event of this year was ‘A party at the Palace’, which took place in June. What achievement was it celebrating?


47) 2003 – Which new law was introduced for the first time this year, which made taking your car into London that little bit trickier?


48) 2004 – The Summer Olympics this year took place at the same place where the very first Modern Olympics was held in 1896. Name the City?


49) 2005 – In this year, the famous TV Chef,  Jamie Oliver, launched his famous campaign to improve the quality of what in the UK?


50) 2006 – Name the well-known film director, whose film ‘The Departed’ was made this year and it won him his first Best Director Award and second Best Film of the Year as well?




Tie-Breaker – 2007 -  Children in Need appeared on the telly in November.  Since it started on the radio appeal in 1927 how much money has it raised in millions?




Run-for-fun questions:


1)  What is the first name of the famous young gentleman who coined the phrase ‘Opportunity not pity’ at the first ever gathering at Avon Tyrell in 1957?


2) Our President, Ed Stewart, is well-known for hosting the programme ‘Crackerjack’ on TV.  It ran for nearly thirty years, but in which year did it start?


3) Which well-known person connected to our organisation was once a national junior back-stroke swimming champion of his country?


4)  Something that raises a lot of money for our organisation, is the London Marathon.  What is the name of the main sponsor?


5)  One of our most famous Vice-Presidents, Cliff Richards, is Sir Cliff Richards. In which country was he born?






1) Answer:     Sputnik                                                   (26) Channel 4 - Countdown

2) Answer:     Blue Peter                                               (27) £1 coin (not 20p – 1982)

3) Answer:     The Hovercraft                                       (28) Annie Lennox & Dave

4) Answer:     Coronation Street                                           Stewart-Eurythmics         

5) Answer:     Betting Shops                                         (29) Live Aid

6) Answer:     Amnesty International                              (30)1sttime finals hosted twice by

7) Answer:     Texas (Dallas)                                                 same country 1970 & 1986

8) Answer:     Prince Edward                                        (31) Michael Fish

9) Answer:     First man to ever walk in space.          (32) The £1 note

(10) Answer:  Martin Peters                                          (33) The Berlin Wall

(11) Answer:  First human heart transplant                     (34) Nelson Mandela

(12) Answer:  Introduction of 1st & 2nd postage.          (35) Silence of the Lambs

(13) Answer:   Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin                               (36) Barcelona (37)Mr Blobby (14) Answer:  True Grit                                                (38) The National Lottery

(15) Answer:   Decimalisation(new coin system)            (39) Toy Story (40) Damon Hill

(16) Answer:   Queen Elizabeth-the original one!           (41) Jim Callaghan(1976-1979)

(17) Answer:   Life on Mars                                          (42) France   (43) Johnny Morris

(18) Answer:   Richard Nixon                                       (44) Richard Wilson

(19) Answer:   Margaret Thatcher                                 (45) John Prescott                       (20) Answer:   Hottest year since records began.  (46) The Queen’s Golden Jubilee

(21) Answer:   Virginia Wade                                       (47) Introduction of Congestion

(22) Answer:   She was the first test-tube baby                         charge

(23) Answer:   11 years                                                (48) Athens in Greece              

(24) Answer:    Children in Need                                  (49) School Dinners

(25) Answer:   Making your Mind Up!By Bucks Fizz(50) Martin Scorsese


Tie-Breaker Answer: £348 Million Pounds


Run-for-fun Answers:

1) Terry (Rolfe)

2) 1955

3) Rolf Harris

4) Flora

5) India